Sex and Pregnancy: The 3 Best Positions to Get Pregnant Faster

Are you having problems getting pregnant? This post is to help you increase your possibilities of getting pregnant. Many people ask “What are the best positions to get pregnant naturally?” The first thing that you need to know, is that technically you can get pregnant in ANY position! The main point here is that the man’s sperm gets to it’s destination, the woman’s egg! However, there are some positions to conceive that will increase chances of pregnancy you and your partner can try. Even though some sex positions may raise the chances of your conception, the key to getting pregnant naturally is to relax and have fun during sex, as tension can block you from conceiving.

Obviously, sex is how you make babies! When the males sperm (or semen) travels through the vagina and meets the egg, life is conceived!  So if you are wanting that pregnancy test to come back positive, check out these best positions to get pregnant fast!

Missionary Position

One of the most common and successful sex positions to get pregnant naturally is the missionary position. It is also the most natural for us human. Interestingly enough, this position got it’s name because missionaries thought that sex was to only be used for reproduction. They proceeded to teach their congregation in foreign fields the same thing. And so it seems to fit quite nicely that this would be one of the best positions to get pregnant!

In it’s most basic form, the missionary position is when the man is on top during sex. The woman lies on her back with her legs spread apart and bent, with her feet on the bed. The man enters between the legs. You can also mix it up and the man can hold her knees up or put them on his shoulders. This position is also great because it make it easy to communicate, kiss, and hold each other during intercourse. This helps make things much more comfortable and relaxing; which is very important!

The reason this position is so great is be cause when the woman in on her back, the vagina is in the best possible position for the semen to get to the uterus. The penis is also able to penetrate deeply into the vagina in the position.

Rear Entry:

This coital (sex) position is also known has the “Doggy Style.” In this position the woman can be either on her knees, abdomen, or on her side. The man will enter her vagina from the behind in all those positions. This gives variety for the couple while love making. The man can either stand while at the edge of the bed or can kneel on his knees while she is kneeling. This positions helps get the sperm to the cervix!

Side by Side:

Another way to expose the sperm to the cervix is to have sex “side by side.” Side by side is a more relaxing position. When trying to conceive you want to relax and just have fun. This is also good for couples who may have weight problems or back problems. The side by side can be done eight facing each other, or when the man comes from behind.

Woman on Top:

OK, so this seems to go against the general idea that we’ve been discussing. The main idea with good sex positions is that you get the sperm to the egg a quickly as possible while allowing for deepest penetration. However, when the woman is on top, this allows lots of sexual pleasure for her. In some cases, pleasure and relaxing are actually what’s most important.

During and After Sex Tricks and Tips:

During and after you have had your fun and pleasure their are a couple of things you can do to maximize your chances of conceiving.

  • Men, keep your penis in as long as possible after ejaculation, this may increase the chances of those little swimmers to get to their target.
  • After the male has deposited his semen, it’s good for the woman to lay on her back with her hips slightly elevated by a pillow. Doing this may not guarantee pregnancy, but doing this for about 30 minutes may help the semen reach the egg! This is known as the “post-coital tilt.”After about 30 minutes of lying on your back the sperm isn’t good, and so it’s okay to get up.
  • Right after ejaculation the man can try to keep the woman’s labia closed to prevent any sperm from coming out.
  • While having sex, some say it is important to that the male and female have their orgasm at the same time. This helps get the semen through the cervix to the egg then through the uterus into the fallopian tube!

These are only tips and tricks and may not guarantee results, but they are worth a try!  Most of these tips and sexual positions to get pregnant are mostly based on logic of gravity or pleasure and not scientific. But it never hurts to try!

by Vera Kratochvil

As it was mentioned earlier, having intercourse in any position may get pregnant naturally, but if you want help getting pregnant faster, then try out these positions for conceiving and see if they don’t help you make some babies! Most of all, make sure you relax and just have fun when you are together. When there is a lot of stress and worry over conception, it doesn’t help! Our bodies are complex, and need to rest and be healthy! So what is the best positions to get pregnant? Well, it really matters what you think. You need to be in the most comfortable and relaxing position. That is probably what will guarantee the best chances at conceiving for you and beating infertility!

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